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Corrado. 16v, 2.0l. [W. Sussex, GBR]

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Louk22 Louis Wilkes
Worthing, W. Sussex, UK   GBR
a blog with photos of the RadoHello there!

As I have often found with Corrado owners - I cannot speak for any other affiliations or tribes - many of these adverts start much the same: A cathartic emphasis on the truly cherished relationship of the car and owner.

Well, this is not much different in that respect, but i’ll do away with the father/son sentiment, save it for my biography, and make the waffle really quick:
It was my favourite car growing up, and as soon as i entered into my 20's and learnt to drive responsibly i purchased the Corrado i am advertising today. I have owned this car for 9 years, and it has only got better. Honestly!

All changes from stock are tasteful and few: About 5 years ago I had her resprayed, and i do own a car 'bra' that i attach to the front before any lengthy drive - e.g. Worthing to Brighton - so the paint - especially for the colour type - is still good, and the combination of red; w/silver alloys; black trim; and low stance seems to resonate with people. It always, without fail, turns heads and it receives positive sounds of bombast and praise everywhere we go. More so than a new sports car, people of all class and creed seem to really rally behind it.
That being said, the paint does have some small chips, marks and scratches and is not perfect. There is very little rust, but two patches are evident below the rear window, which was treated and doesn't seem to have grown in the last 5 years, as well as the drivers window under the rubber lining - I assume its a rust spot it’s been there prior to my ownership and hasn't got bigger/caused any concern.
Aesthetically the exterior looks great. The alloys are plus 1 inch above standard - but due to tyre size adjustments there is no arch rubbing, so not to worry. The rear lights have been replaced with more splendid 'lexus' style rear lights in line with my tasteful upgrades, and currently attached are the fancy, metal "Jung VW" licence plates. The front grill is de-badged. The spoiler works as it should. Great news!

To the inside:
The seats and dash et al. are in very good condition. The seats have been covered for several years, and i don’t really let people in the back. There are no holes, burns, rips, scratches, but the drivers left side bolster has recently sagged - it isn’t really noticeable. Both windows are electric. Installed is a Philips DAB/CD player and the rear shelf speakers have been tastefully upgraded. The front window was upgraded when i replaced it and now includes a sun visor at the top.

The engine/The drive:
Its note is sublime, in part due to the exhaust system that i had fitted two years ago. It looks standard, but the tailpipe has some riveting that produces a great tone - no noisier than standard, just a slight gurgle/growl.
She still pulls very well - keeping up with much newer cars, although my default position is ambling in the slow lane. Like its legend the handling is faultless, even though this one was lowered by a previous owner - this is often a note of caution, but the low stance and the work to achieve it has never caused an issue. She handles the corners markedly well, posturing flat to the floor.
I fitted an aftermarket K&N filter - the difference is negligible, but supposedly better - and the camber/tracking was re-calibrated last year.
Mechanical works worthy of note in recent years are: the head gasket, which was replaced 3 years ago, with the plugs changed also; the radiator and fan; and exhaust system - but i have a folder full of its history and the list is extensive.
The engine bay looks very good for its age, not concourse of course, but industrial chic! I have colour combined some of the parts and well, it just looks good - not inflicted with the appearance of malaise or out-puffed - some engines seem to give the impression of perpetual exhaustion, but this is a finely oiled machine!

Needing Attention:
The sunroof needs a slider mechanism replaced. I bought a new motor for it some 4 years ago which will be included, but it is the slider that needs replacing.
Heater only works on 3 and 4, it needs a new matrix but costs very little.
Central locking is inconsistent.

Added bits:
TT wipers
Car Bra
Original lights
Original licence plates
Sunroof motor
Seat Covers
Original front grill
DAB/CD player
plus a box full of spare bits and bobs: wiper blades; petrol caps; wheel nuts; water cap; petrol canister etc.

Owned for 9 years, 6 previous owners - i purchased it off an engineer.
144000 miles
Only driven in the summer months and garage locked over winter and most nights.
Classic car insurance: only £87 for the year fully comp!
No crashes - clean licence
Best MPG: 31.8

£2900 ono.

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