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g60 problems.

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potatovw Mateo C
Michigan City, USA   USA
I've been experiencing issues with my 1990 g60 corrado. Here's the following problems:

1. After a few hours of being shut off, when I turn on the car the rpms drop below 750 and the engine sputters. After a couple seconds it picks up again as normal. When I touch the gas, the gas goes by itself very high and drops down again below 750 and sputters. This problem disappears once I start driving but it has been happening every time I turn on the car.

2. The oil pressure light keeps flashing and beeping. I don't really understand where exactly the oil mark should be on the dipstick judging that the light is only suppose to flash if there's too little oil. Am I using the wrong oil? Is there too much oil or too little?

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Dylan Dylan Trinh
Kalamazoo, USA   USA
sounds like a sticky ISV. You can try to clean it out and see if that helps. The oil light is because of oil pressure, not oil volume. When the RPM slows down that low, the oil pressure drops and will set the light off.

squeegy200 Avatar
squeegy200 Les Noriel
Duarte, CA, USA   USA
It sounds to me like you may have one or more vacuum leaks. Our cars are old and the vacuum lines are prone to wearing.

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tomquinn Tom Q
Nevada City, CA, USA   USA
If you still own this G60 did you ever solve the oil indicator light and beeping alarm problem? My G60 has had that problem intermittently for over 10 years and it is obviously an electrical issue rather than truly oil pressure problem. Sometimes it will go off if I put on the headlights and/or fog lights. Sometimes it will be gone for several months and then return almost constantly for weeks at a time. Very loud alarm, which seems unnecessary...."idiot" light would seem sufficient. I haven't found an easy way to disconnect the alarm, and part of me is reluctant to do so. Any advice would be appreciated.

etomori Eugene Moriguchi
Fair Oaks, CA, USA   USA
1990 Volkswagen Corrado "Karman"
Check out the blue sensor by swapping it out with a new one (it is still relatively cheap at the dealer or on line) and re-set it. Have solved the chronic periodic rough running condition. (start engine, at idle hit throttle wide open three times; let idle; disconnect blue coolant sensor; idle will drop; hit throttle wide open three times; let it come do an idle --- has solved the rough idle/running high fuel consumption problems as suggested by dealer and G60 blogs). Seems to occur at seasonal gasoline formula changes. As to oil pressure, might be running too light of oil - try Mobile 1 Synthetic 15-50 or 10-40 with factory filter first or get a new oil pressure sending unit.

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