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G60 died and wont restart

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Tacoma, WA, USA   USA
Hello everyone,
I am hoping for some help here. I have a 1991 g60 it has been sitting for two years in my garage while I worked on the supercharger duct working and intake. I had been starting it often to make sure things stayed working.I have put all new tune parts on it. ( new bosh cap, rotor, and plugs, and Bahn Brenner plug wires) I backed it out of the garage and washed it and dried it. I then decided to take a for a test drive. when I opened the driver door the window went down then back up, (I have never had this happen before). I got in and cranked the engine over, it started and ran for just a second and then died. the engine will crank over no problem but now will not start. the engine cranks free and makes no attempt to start.
What I have done;
fresh gas in tank
found the fuel pump fuse to be blown- replaced the fuse and still no start.
when the key is turned to the on position the fuel pump relay will not click but will when the engine is cranking.
swapped out the ignition switch- made no change
pulled a plug-found fuel on plug
checked for spark at the plugs when cranking - getting nothing
checked T-belt timing- marks are lined up and belt is turning (crank pulley and bolt ok)
02 sensor harness near exhaust manifold- clear of heat with no visual damage.

Any ideas? thanks in advance

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selten Tom C
Rochelle, IL, USA   USA
First of all slow down. You are checking too many things without resolving one and moving on to the next.
Start with fuel. Confirm that the fuel pump is running. If not then do not check anything else until you get the pump to run. Second figure out why you have no spark. Bad Coil? Bad wiring? Bad ECU?
Once you have confirmed that you have fuel and spark then start to consider other things. Do not mess with the timing,You did not say your belt was broken nor that it might have jumped time so don't worry about that right now. Get the basics in place first. You said you replaced the cap and rotor, go back and take a look at the wiring to be sure there are no disconnected wires or broken wires. Check the coil to see if it is working properly. Good luck and don't over think it until you confirm fuel and spark.

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