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HELP: General Problems with Corrado G60 (PLUS ADVICE)

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cjwind Chris Windels
Victoria, BC, Canada   CAN
Hello everyone I've got a 1992 Corrado G60 (JDM, Eurospec). I have some questions about the small jobs I'm trying to complete at the moment. Also I'd like to post my advice and knowledge from the problems I've already encountered so please check below!

Problems I need help with:

1. Instrument Cluster Trim Screws - It's been some time since I removed it and I can't remember which screws go where. Two are long, two are short. I don't want to screw into the dash. Which ones go in the top and which ones go in the bottom?

2. Climate Control Fan Setting 4 - fan setting 4 does not function. 1, 2, and 3 (defog) all function, but switching to 4 shuts off the fan. Any advice?

3. Hood release mechanism - This is well known as a common problem that I don't know too much about yet. There is a little trumpet shaped piece made from white plastic that has a pinching action when you pull the hood release. This part supposedly breaks often and needs replacement with a metal one. Others say that the cable itself needs replacement. Advice on how to proceed and what should be done urgently?

4. CD changer wiring - the JDM Corrado comes with a Panasonic Volkswagen Sound CD Changer ready car deck. It it supposed to be paired with a matching Panasonic CD changer only available in Japanese cars. I don't see any wiring behind the radio - where should the CD changer hookup cables appear in the trunk if they were wired in correctly?

5. Radio - I'm trying to wire the original radio back into the car. I know absolutely nothing about electronics and VW wiring colors. The radio has a red, and a brown. The car has a single brown with red stripe. What does each color mean and what do I do? Everything else is plug and play.

6. Shift knob - where to buy a nice leather wrap, original-looking shift knob?

Problems I have already tackled or topics I can give my advice on:

1. Oil weight and oil change - Many people complain of the oil pressure buzzer going off with all different oil types. The general concensus oil for the G60 is Mobil 1 15W40 full synthetic for performance vehicles (sometimes says high performing diesel). Currently I'm running Mobil 1 15W50 because its all I can find easily, but will be switching to the lower weight once I track it down. I have never had a problem with the buzzer going off using this oil. Oil volume to fill with to give the perfect capacity for an oil change is 3.6L. 4.4L jug is $50 CAD at Lordco or other general auto parts stores. A Bosch filter is recommended.

2. Coolant type and coolant change - G11 to G12/G13 conversion is recommended. I'm in the process currently but don't have any first hand experience yet but most say that the car runs significantly cooler (which would be fantastic because the car runs hot). The process is pretty extensive and required alot of filling with water, running the engine, and flushing it again. The water should be crystal clear before adding any new coolant. Unfortunately the coolant change on the G60 is a bit of a b**** and requires unhooking the lower rad hose and reattaching it every single time you fill/flush.

3. Coolant temperature sensors - the Corrado has two and they are independent of each other. They are in plain sight when you open the engine compartment sitting on top of a coolant hose near the drivers side on the engine. Blue sends info to computer, Black sends to your gauge. If the temp warning light comes on, then the needle slowly drops to the peg - change Black. If the engine gradually starts running really rough, guzzles gas, and wants to stall when hot and coming to a stop - change Blue. I had both fail simultaneously and replaced for $30 CAD/each from Volkswagen.

4. Spark plugs - general concensus from alot of reading and advice from VW is there is only ONE approved spark plug for this vehicle, and do not use any other. This is the Bosch Platinum-Iridium WR6 DPO. It is designed to work with the G60 engine. It is very difficult to find and quite expensive. I ended up paying $100 CAD total for a set of 4 from Volkswagen.

5. Spoiler problems - my spoiler was very intermittent and once stuck I kept having to manually free it. No amount of lube or penetrant from the outside was able to fix it. Result was a full spoiler mechanism rebuild except for motor. The culprit is dirt which drops down the stalks and enters the push cable guide tubes, gumming up the sides and seizing the push cables. When rebuilding, pack the push cable guide tubes with low-temp grease and then run the cables through the tubes multiple times before reassembling. The housing with the gear and the push cables inside is not too bad for dirt, however I still greased it well with low-temp grease. I also lightly powder the spoiler stalks with a fine dusting of graphite powder which helps them not to drag against the rubber seals on the hatch.The spoiler is very poorly designed but a very cool feature so be gentle with it and maintain often - use the handcrank to free if necessary.

6. Door handle strikers - another common problem. Yes, you go to pull on the handle to get in the car, a nice *snap* sound occurs, the striker falls off inside your door, and now you can't get in the car. WPS on eBay Germany will sell you the kit of 2 strikers with instructions for $50 CAD. Fixing requires removing the door panel and weather seal. Half the striker will be at the bottom of the door, the remaining half will be still attached to the handle mechanism.

7. Headlight adjusters - yet another common problem. Your headlight aim will go wonky, usually off to the side and down and not at all useful for night driving. The plastic piece which holds the adjuster in the headlight assembly breaks, and it will just sit there and spin. $70 CAD at BKS Tuning Germany will get you a set of two new headlight adjusters. Install is not hard but requires removing the headlights. Not sure how difficult it is for NA Corrados but easy for E-code/Euro headlights.

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