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Sunroof drain cleaning

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Sunroof drain cleaning
  This topic is about my 1990 Volkswagen Corrado
Kentwaddington Kent Waddington
Combermere, ON, Canada   CAN
Greetings oh wise Corrado fans
I found a half inch of water in my G60 last week which I believe may have come from a clogged sunroof drain tube.
Does anyone have any experience with this issue?
I tried sticking a long wire down the tube but it bottomed out about 24 inches in ... about where the windshield and front fender meet.
Afraid now to drive it if there is even the hint of rain.



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BigLaBowski Mike LaBow
Mountville, PA, USA   USA
Hi Kent, I own a 1992 SLC and after aheavy rain I would find sometimes up to two to three inches of water in the footwell of the passenger's side of the vehicle and it took me a while to figure out what was causing this problem. If you open the hood of your car you will see a piece of plastic shrouding on the passenger's side toward the windshield, on my vehicle it was black in color, If you lift this shrouding up you will see there is a drain hole toward the right fender of the car that allows the rain water to flow from this area, this area tends to collect leaves in the fall of the year and it will become blocked. I cleared this drain on my car using a coat hanger and i no longer had a problem with water in the vehicle after a rainstorm. I am not sure how the water enters the vehicle when this drain is blocked, perhaps through the duct work for the heater core, etc. I hope this information helps you with your problem. Good luck, The Big LaBowski, Lancaster, PA.

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