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Need help with Brakes

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jvanhoover Jeff VanHoover
Williamson, NY, USA   USA
I have put all new brake pads and rotors. Cleaned all calipers and ready to bleed the brakes. I had no problem in the front, everything went great. Rear????? I can not get any fluid to the rear. I disconnected the line up front and nothing came out of the brake area. Not sure if there is an ABS pump or something that helps with aiding the fluid out. Thanks for any help.

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tahnos Thomas Andrews
Longmont, CO, USA   USA
Start with a friend to help you first off, Ive tried the $120.00 bleeder kit from autozone, an it didn't really work-at all! Second bleed the brake farthest away from your brake fluid reservoir, usually the rear passenger, then do the rear drivers, then the front passenger, then the front drivers... I know it sounds weird, but Ive seriously had major problems not following this system. If there is air in the system it could take a very very long time to get out, thus the friend, have them pump the brake a few times till they say its feeling hard, and sometimes that doesn't happen if theres globs of air in the line, but have them pump, pump, pump, and hold down, open the bleeder valve, air and fluid squirts out, or just air, and then close it right away, pump again-pump pump pump-hold down the brake pedal, and then open/close quick-you dont want to let more air in, and as long as your friend is holding the pedal down you should be ok, but just to be sure... Keep doing that until all you get is fluid out. I had one car where I didn't think I was eve going to get fluid out, but 15 minutes later it came. Keep checking your fluid too as you go, if you get to low thats another way to introduce air in the line. Your friend should feel the pedal give more and more resilience as you go. After your through with that one proceed to the next... Best Wishes!

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