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No spark in 1993 vr6

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jvanhoover Jeff VanHoover
Williamson, NY, USA   USA
I recently bought a 1993 SLC corrado. Ran when I bought it and sat in a garage for 3 weeks. When I went to work on it the battery was dead. I tried to jump it and was unsuccessful. I towed it home and charged the battery. It turns over now but no spark and will not start. There is a clicking noise in the right rear infront of the tire when the battery was low. Goes away when the battery is charged. I also have a humming noise in the front when car is shut off. Not sure if that was what was draining my battery. thanks for your help.

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Oklahoma City, OK, USA   USA
I am currently having the same no spark problem on my 92 SLC. the car is in the shop. I'll let you know what they find. I have already replaced the sensor and the distributer

Mckenzy Wolf Avatar
Mckenzy Wolf Wilfredo Ruiz
Clover, SC, USA   USA

The clicking sound coming from the back is the fuel pump assembly which is easily access thru the trunk area. The humming noise from the front is your auxiliary water recicuation pump, this pump helps the engine by keeping water flow thru the system in order to keep the engine cool, this complements the already excisting water pump and it runs for 8 minutes and then it shuts off. To test the pump functionality all you have to do is turn your key to on and then off and you can put your hand on the pump, located just aft of the distributor, and you can feel it runing, set a clock and verify that the pump shuts off after 8 minutes, if it dows not stop it could be your relau control.

Another test i have learned since I got my Corrado is to place a multimeter on the ground side bewteen the battery and the chasis and check for a vampiric drain. The Ideal amp draw for your car is .05 amps. you should be able to see if this is a problem the minute you hook the meter and select amps.

As fas as not having spark, did you check and see if you are getting power to your ignition coil? then you need to check the coil itself. The coil might be open internally and it will not supply power to your distributor. you might want to changed the distributor, which houses the hall generator and its a source of failure on these cars, also check plugs and wires as the wires tend to deteriorate when sitting for prolonged periods of time. and see if your plugs might be fodded.

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