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1991 Volkswagen Corrado

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Trouble Ahead

Posted on: Saturday May 31, 2014

Well I finally figure the thick smoke was nothing more than dirty old gas, 2 tanks later and the smoke has cleared. However I started to notice that the engine was bucking and sputtering while running or just at idle. so completed the tune up and now she does fantastic.

More Work

Posted on: Thursday December 12, 2013

Well I have the engine runnig and idling good, however whe it starts from cold there is some gray smoke and after a while it goes away and it does not smoke, but when you reve it up fast black smoke comes out of the tail pipe. i do believe i need to flush the engine oil since it was parked for 5 years, also flush the fuel system and the brakes. but for now i do believe i will have to change the oil and place full synthetic and in the process add additives to the engine to recondition the seals...

Pump Trouble

Posted on: Tuesday October 29, 2013

Well I am still having trouble with the electric pump running even when the key is off the ignition. luckily I have the wire manual so I will have to dig it up to see if there is a relay stuck when energized.


Posted on: Monday October 21, 2013

Well so far I have repair the following: 1. engine idle erratic and rough/replaced plugs with NGK copper plugs also replace the distributor cap, the main center contact was burnt to a crisp and gone. 2. Cleaned K&N air filter and re-oil filter as needed. 3. poured sea-foam inside tank to help stabilize fuel and clean injectors 4. replaced left side outer door handle 5. replaced left side door lock mechanism 6. replace broken power window switch. 7. repaired steerin...

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