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Max Jamison USA

Author: Max Jamison USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2018-03-13

After over two years and six grand, I've lost patience with the repair shop working on my '92 Corrado SLC. The guy bored out my engine to 3.0L, added new racing pistons and rods, put the engine back in the car, and then lost interest. Then he moved his shop and didn't tell me, leaving my baby out in the weather with the driver's window down. I've spent $2,400 adding stainless steel headers and 3" diameter stainless steel flow through exhaust system. Discovered a neat seven part series "Project Corrado" on It gave me a number of ideas. Here's my dream list...

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Stephen D. Stocker USA

Author: Stephen D. Stocker USA
Total 2 posts - Started on 2016-04-01

DSC 0493 2
It's a real blast cruising around town in a classic automobile, especially a Volkswagen, there's nothing quite like it, but to do so you must first find and obtain your classic automotive dream machine. As this website is all about Corrado's, let me share the story of how my Corrado came to be in my care. To start with, I wasn't actually looking to buy a new car at the time, it just so happened that I was facing a thousand dollars in repairs on my 1995 Pontiac Firebird V6 and was feeling very uncertain as to whether or not I really wanted to put that much money in to it at that point. I loved ...

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Harry Taylor USA

Author: Harry Taylor USA
Total 2 posts - Started on 2015-09-03

Super Charger
Supercharger like new

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Wilfredo Ruiz USA

Author: Wilfredo Ruiz USA
Total 5 posts - Started on 2013-10-21

Well I finally figure the thick smoke was nothing more than dirty old gas, 2 tanks later and the smoke has cleared. However I started to notice that the engine was bucking and sputtering while running or just at idle. so completed the tune up and now she does fantastic.

Eugene S CAN

Author: Eugene S CAN
Total 7 posts - Started on 2012-09-08

the new rims
I had lost track of how long it has been since I really worked on the Corrado. Spent much of last summer helping a friend get his motorcycle running, good times and great guy, so the time wasn't really wasted. I found some decent used tires and had them mounted to a set of 5 star red rims that I picked up as temporary rims until I could get a nice set. Within a week of getting them mounted I came across a set of exactly what I wanted (isn't it always the way). So I've switched them over and last weekend I mounted them onto the car. The rims are just what I wanted, black with chrome beau...

Kameron Lamp USA

Author: Kameron Lamp USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2013-08-06

All boxes full of corrado G60 parts I have to corrado and have made 2 into one pretty much but still have many parts that I don't need and are willing to sell even have the car of some one is interested if so you can contact me on here or my E-mail: Phone: 229-460-8187

Keith G USA

Author: Keith G USA
Total 4 posts - Started on 2013-04-29

Ok so I got the new regulator in. Looks nice from the old design. This was a pimax brand. It eliminates the scissor lift and comes with a harness you must hard wire to the vehicle but comes with no hardware. If you do the install yourself I recommend buying some small m6 x100 bolts. I got the smallest lowes had. 2 m6 x100 Phillips screws because they have a shallow head to hold the window to the adapter plate to the new regulator. You will also need 2 butt connectors. I will not lie this job sucks. The old regulator is a pain to remove and I just gridded off the rivets that held it in place. ...

Jeremy J USA

Author: Jeremy J USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2012-12-02

Intended Near Future Upgrades: Exterior--- -OEM fog&markers to E-Code crystal clear Fog&Markers. -obtain wiring harness from another vw so the front bumper signals turn on like marker lights. -yellow glass stain for fogs, 3000k HIDs and ballasts for fogs. -Euro Glass headlight housing upgrade from US corrado stock headlight housing. dim. -Euro LED Tail lights - Crystal and Smoked/Red. -Stock US Corrado headlight housing to E-Code Euro Headlights(hopefully i can find a pair) To be Continued..

Marin Marinov BGR

Author: Marin Marinov BGR
Total 4 posts - Started on 2012-05-15

Here is manifold
Well, I work hard and now I will show you my progress. Here is another layer of polish. One more and will be like a mirror. (I hope so )

Kent Waddington CAN

Author: Kent Waddington CAN
Total 1 posts - Started on 2011-12-02

I was driving to Toronto in mid-October (2011) and for some reason, as if it were a sign from God, my head was filled with the memory of seeing a sweet little quasi-cranberry-coloured Corrado in a restaurant parking lot in Ottawa three or four years ago. Being a car freak/geek, this was not unusual. I think of cars OFTEN. The memory was short-lived and life carried on. Days later, on October 13, I receive a text message from an unknown phone number asking simply "Hi there is this kent?" "Who wants to know?" was my reply. "Haha, I don't know if you would remember but you left a card ...

coleton t USA

Author: coleton t USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2011-08-10

I live in the panhandle of Texas and I'm looking for a 1991 VW Corrado G60! I want it as original as possible!! Thank you, and please comment if you know of anything available!

Tom Lindmark USA

Author: Tom Lindmark USA
Total 9 posts - Started on 2006-04-18

IMG 2196
I sold my G60 Corrado back in April of 2008. It still lives on in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with its new owner. I don't believe he is a part of Corrado World. At any rate, I finally reached my limit with the car when the new timing belt I had installed broke for the final time. I grew tired of wrenching on it when I'd have rather been driving it. Nice to see the picture of it on the website header...thanks for that Skye. My replacement ride is a 2001 Audi TT Quattro Roadster. Tastefully modded and quick as hell. Reliable too! I added a headliner for the convertible top, a center armrest, and a ...

Rogelio Gutierrez USA

Author: Rogelio Gutierrez USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2010-07-15

I've had my corrado for about 7 years. Lately there has been a problem with it. I replaced the broken supercharger, and the new one broke within a matter of days. I don't know what happened, can someone help me?

juan peluso USA

Author: juan peluso USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2009-12-22

well i finally become a member of the corrado family, yesterday i purchased my first corrado, i owned a 01 jetta before but thats about it, i always liked the shape of the corrados and now im loving the driving part. it's new territory for me and on top o that, all the badges on the car are gone, came with no manuals, no door jam stickers, no nothing. Aside from the blown g charger obvious by the huge missing chunk from the top of it, missing stereo, speakers, messed up shocks, wire showing on tires,rusted through the hatch door, i see true potential. This is gonna be a long hard adventure b...

Timothy Veloz Jr USA

Author: Timothy Veloz Jr USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2009-12-02

I need a new steering column for my corrado G60. If anyone knows anything about where to get one or that may have them please email me at Thanx I also need a driver side interior door handle.

David Lopez USA

Author: David Lopez USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2009-01-30

Yea my rado vibrates at idle and about like 3000 rpm, once it passes that sectionn the vibration goes away, what could it be?

Steffen Wolffe USA

Author: Steffen Wolffe USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2008-03-30

I love this car Needs a nick though
I've had this car a week, and I think I have re-defined a love for a car. The only other vehicle I enjoyed this much was a Challenger. (Can't recall the year, but it's cousin was the Plymouth Sapporo) But I actually enjoy this car more. I am looking at different things to do to it, starting with fully restoring it to factory specs, and then upping the Supercharger a little, Heading over to Neuspeed to see what they recommend, and finding a few other little toys for it. Stereo will be a custom thing, as well as the paint. I'm thinking I like the black paint, so it'll stay black. Will ...

Trent G USA

Author: Trent G USA
Total 3 posts - Started on 2008-03-24


eric byrd USA

Author: eric byrd USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2007-01-09

Ebay item 230075032738
I've loved my corrado but its time for it to go. I need the money to buy a house. Its a 1993 with 95,500 miles on it. Its in great shape. Check the ebay listing for more info. Item number 230075032738 Eric

Casey Bauer USA

Author: Casey Bauer USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2007-01-07

Hey guys thanks for leting me in the club. I hope i can get some help from you all and maybe give a little. I just got my car and i am looking to fix it up a little. I love the Corrado body and everythings else about them. ok well see you all around. Casey

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