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Machined Aluminum SLC Badge

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NTech SLC Greg Neuenschwander
Fort Wayne, in, USA   USA
If you are a Corrado SLC owner you know that the SLC badge has a tendency to have the "C" break off, and many people are missing the whole thing entirely. I bought my SLC four years ago and it was just an "SL" because I was missing the C. If you are thinking great I'll just buy a new one from the dealership they can't be too expensive. Well, first problem is the dealer no longer has this part. And I have been looking for it for 4 years on the internet and haven't found one. The only ones I've seen are the occaisonal used one on vwvortex, or I did see one go for about $145 dollars on ebay. I lucked out and a good friend of mine's dad has a CNC machine. We had a broken badge that still had the C from a local corrado owner and had him use that as a template. He duplicated the badge very well. He added a minor amount of material at the "C" joint and since it's made from a block of aluminum it's not going to break! The badge has then been hand polished to a chrome like shine using very hi grit sandpaper, a buffing wheel, and finally mothers aluminum polish. The badge has then been slightly contoured to fit the back of your Corrado so that it lays flush with the rounded contour of the corrado and has been fitted for accuracy on an actual Corrado. The back of the badge is fitted with cut to fit Scotch 3M outdoor permanent mounting tape. It's not going anywhwere!

The CNC machine was used for accuracy, the hand polishing and hand cut fitted mounting was used for a very good finish and great looking product.

I have a limited number of these and they take me a while to have my friends dad make them. It also take me a while to do the finishing work. Get yours now while there are still some available.

I have one of these on an auction on ebay, and the buy it now price there is $65.oo plus $5 shipping.

I will sell it here on the forum for $55.00 plus 5$ shipping.

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VR-SICK RADO Paul Campbell
Kissimmee, Floriida, USA   USA
I know this an old post, but do you still have any of the SLC rear badges left over?

maxjamison Avatar
maxjamison Max Jamison
Orem, UT, USA   USA
1992 Volkswagen Corrado "Der Blaue Machs"
Do you still have any machined aluminum SLC badges for the back of my Corrado?

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