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I'm 21 years old and know next to nothing about cars. My father wanted to teach me a thing or two about a car. So now I have a project. The bad part about it is, he is a ford man. Every car in the family it a ford. I guess maybe he'll learn a thing or two as well because when I brought home a VW he was a little stunned. Hopefully when we hit a rough spot I'll be able to ask a group of corrado lovers their opinions. In other words... You.

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1990 Volkswagen Corrado

1 Vehicles -- Total mileage: 117,000 mi (188,293 km) -- Average age: 1990

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'66 Mustang GT

Posted on: Tuesday March 25, 2008



I Obviously Have No Idea What I'm Doing...

Posted on: Tuesday March 25, 2008

I thought I'd put up a bunch of pictures... but that isn't working out very well.... Haha sorry for taking up the time and space that I'm sure others could have used more efficiently... Give me HTML and I'm good... but this... I have no idea whats going on... probably the blond coming out of me.. haha Sorry All.


Posted on: Tuesday March 25, 2008



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