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Corrado Spoiler

andrew f   usa — Posted on VW Corrado World
Friday September 9, 2011 5:54 PM

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2011-10-16 19:20:59 # 3638
Comment by Malcom Duggan
when you open the back hatch look up and you will see a section that runs the length of the hatch that can be removed with six plastic "screws". Once off you will see a piece located near the center that you can pull out. when you pull it out it enables you to control the spoiler. Turn one way it will go up... the other..well you get it. I live in the washington state where it rains all the time. Moss tends to build up on things when left alone so i lift mine when i go to clean it and if there is gonna be freezing I will lift it before turn off the car. Last thing you want is for it to be frozen down and cause added stress on the motor. If yours works then just use the manual control on the left under the steering wheel.

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